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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is that true girls and boys cannot be just a bestfriend??

hye readers!!! okay this time I want to share what i'm thinking right now... is that true girl and boy cannot be just a friend? everyone have their own opinion.. so do i... to me girls and boys can be just a bestfriend but some people do not think so... why?? better you ask them by yourself... hahaha... to me boys and girls can just be a bestfriend.. but it depends how they feel when they are friends... sometimes maybe we just treat them as a friend like we take care of them, sharing problem or happiness with them... but they will misunderstood... they might think that we have feeling to them, we care of them because we love them, when we listen to their problem they will think that we are concern about them more than friend... maybe the way we treat them different with other friends do make they think that way (who knows?)... my mom said that boys and girls are impossible to be just a bestfriend.. she said that either one will have the feeling to be more than just a bestfriend (mean that want to be a couple).. at one time i think that my mom was wrong but sometimes i feel that she was right.. so i need your opinion about this.. (comment about this okay) hehhe.. however to me... it's all about what we intend to be... either just be a friend or more.. it's all about feeling so it's hard to say...

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