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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Comics? Is it giving us a lesson or just wasting our time?

Comics…some people will say that they just wasting time and money.... However, do they know sometimes comics give us a lot of information and can release our tension too? Based on my own experiences, I’ll share with you what I’m thinking... Actually before this, I also thought the same way... I think that people who reading comics just wasting their time and waste their money.... mostly all of my friends love to read comics.... So I wonder, why they love read it? Is it so fun? Then I try to find why and what actually makes my friends love comics.... Then, I borrowed my friend’s comic and you know what? I fall in love with comics.... Now I know why my friends love comics.... Not only they are fun but also full of knowledge.... Why I say so? Actually I don’t even know anything about football, rugby, and etc. I also don’t know the different between American football and rugby. Comics also teach me how to be a good thinker and have good analysis. It also teaches me how to interpret data. Okay now how about wasting money to buy comics... I know comics are expensive about RM 4 to RM 6.50 but nowadays, we did not need to buy.... We can read it online for free... to read the comic that you want click here.

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