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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Importance of communication

article by - ne2008

Imagine living in a household where every single family member has not a clue what the others are talking about. Even worse, perhaps all the family members don’t know how to talk to each other. Imagine working for a company that has no form of communication between management and its employees. You don’t talk to your co-workers or exchange ideas. Things get done only because each individual takes it upon themselves to accomplish their tasks. There is no sharing of ideas or discussion of how things can flow more smoothly.

It isn’t hard to see that in those situations, the importance of communication could make or break the situation. Without the sharing of ideas and discussing thoughts, the world would cease to exist in many ways. The importance of communication in a household is so much more urgent than many people realize. Sadly, there are too many families that couldn’t tell you what their siblings or children dream about or desire. There is no discussion of hopes and dreams. It is strictly about survival. There are parents of troublesome kids and teens who cannot understand why their children are constantly in trouble in school and with the law. They don’t take the time to look at their family situation and realize that the lack of communication may have played a huge role in their children’s upbringings. There is such an overwhelming need for emphasizing the importance of communication these days, especially in the households. Too many people spend bonding time in front of the television and feel that is spending quality time together. That isn’t quality time together; that’s simply sharing the television.

For many people, the importance of communication is something they recognize but how to integrate that into their lifestyles is somewhat of a mystery. They never knew what communication was in their own families. It isn’t hard to learn to communicate and effective ways in which communication can be made simple, but it does require some persistence and a need to have that communication. Plus, there needs to be an understanding that lines of communication don’t open up immediately. If you’re not accustomed to having perfect communication, it takes some patience and time. You can easily get some hints from a family doctor, a counselor, a pastor or someone who you admire for their own communication skills. As long as you start to acknowledge the fact that the importance of communication is almost vital to many forms of survival, it can be learned in the workplace and at home. Amazingly, the better your communication skills become in the household, the more they will spill over into your workplace communication as well. Think about how much more can be and will be accomplished in the world with just practicing a few important communication skills.

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